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Get Your Membership Today for VIP Access!

Can't find your favorite brand, size, or they're already sold out? Gheezz... how frustrating is that girlfriend, it's time for you to join the Curvy Members Club! ACCESS ALL YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS NOW, JOIN TODAY


Get exclusive access to the hottest plus size fashion in just about every brand on the market today. It's time for you to access  brands and styles that local and major retail shops carry. We've paved the way so you can take another avenue to locate plus size fashion. Curvy Members Club have open doors exclusively to our members to access inventory even after it's sold out somewhere else. You just may find what you've been looking for the entire time. Membership is $59/mo. Click here now.


Try Us Now for free! Join us live on our facebook lives at Curvy Members Club (click here) and shop you heart out girlfriend. We'll be looking for you on the other sided. 



It pays to be a member with us. Get this...

* New Members we have a gift just for you!

* FREE (or) Discounted Shipping

* Get $10 of your 2nd "Box Me Up" box

* Monthly giveaways/drawings

* Giftcards Just For You

* Access VIP Area (Members Only)

  1. Set text notifications (details below)

  2. Join us live (click here) facebook

  3. Select your "Box Me Up" box size

  4. Prepay for your box (add shipping $10)

  5. Shop til you drop, that it!

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