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SOLD OUT: Sorry try back later, no more open subscriptions at this time for this style bag.


Hey Diva Hey!! Girlfriend it's about time you made it over here to get your Eyekandi Style Bag today. Yeesss! You are ready to stepout and rock your Eyekandi Couture Style Bag like a true Diva. Oh yes huntie... come on and join the rest of the Queens. 


Our Eyekandi Couture Style bags come in many fabulous colors and filled with 10 plus items so you have a quick and fabulous look. It don't matter if you are aming or a daily look or a look for on the go. These bags are so compact they fit perfectly in your purse, bags, and girlfriend how about stacking a few backs for travel. Oh Diva we just lighten up your travel bag in price and load. Know that's what's up! All that's left for you to do is rock your style cause you are the statement. 


We send out a number of bags monthly on the 15th of the month. All subscriptions are deducted and are to be paid on the 5th of the month. If you decide to cancel your subscriptions please do so by the 1st of the following month, however we must let you know once you cancel your space will open up to the next in line. But wait you are welcome to get back in. You will be added to our waiting list and once a avaliable spot becomes open will notify you. Please respond with in 24 hours as we have others ready to take there place on the stage. 


Monthly subscription cost: *****


Try it single bag: This is a one time purchase to receive a bage for only $**** ( you can purchase these bags without holding a membership.) Great way to try it on girlfriend!


Eyekandi Couture have about 10 different style bags as of know and we are adding more bags as time goes on. All bags are unique in style so yes you are special and that's exactly why  ....You Are The Statement, yeeesss huntie.


Subscriptions are closed at this time. Keep checking back with us.


Subscription Bags : Closed

SKU: 0007
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