How To Shop Our LIVES Online

Welcome to Plus Size Me Sassy! Are you ready to start shopping our online LIVES today? If your answer is yes we are ready to have you join us. Here's a few things you should know to have the best shopping experience with us:

Step 1: Fill out the postable  (click here) so we can ship your items to you and invoice you after the live show.

Step 2: After you have completed step 1 you are ready to start your loyalty benefits such as earning sassybucks, get notified when we are live, and cash in on any sassy deals we offer during the live. Do this: TEXT : sassyqueens  TO : 74121 and reply back with your first/last name. 

Step 3: To claim any items you must type the word and the number shown ex: ( SOLD 123 ). Do not put the size and/or any other word on it. 

Step 4: Option A or B

A: Shop without membership. Great!

B: Shop with membership. Awesome!

Step 5: Pay your invoice before 8am pst the following day.  All unpaid will be banned/block from shopping our lives and membership will be cancelled. Sit back relax and enjoy the live, that's it!



Let's Go Shopping!



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