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The count down has begun...... Introducing a new way to shop for plus size fashion without breaking the bank.  Backstage is the first to offer a new way to access many stylish brands in plus size fashion. We offer just about every brand including your name brands. Get access to all plus size brands and more. Learn more here about how this entire backstage pass work. You can also select and purchase your pass below. Learn more by watching the video now...
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How does it work? It's simple and easy for all our honeybees. You tune in to the backstage live.

Select your 3 items of choice for the month. Your host will be live to take your order. After you have placed your order the items you selected will be shipped to your address. That's it!

How do I signup? To signup, message your host (click here) that would be ya Queen Rhonda. Request to start your introductory $99/mo backstage pass. You'll be invoiced for your pass to shop this deal. 

How long is the pass good for? The passes are good for 30 days at a time. 

When do your invoice for passes? Every 25th day of the month you will be invoiced to continue your renewed backstage pass. After you've paid your invoice, you can start your shop all over again.

What will I get in my backstage pass package for the month?  Every package will have an alloted amount of items depending on your buy-in selected at signup. For instance if you come in under the introductory offer you will get to select a total of 2-3 items of your choice. Their wil be a limit in the value amount you are allowed to add to your cart. More details on your pass limit amount will be posted as we continue to prepare for our official launch date of July 25th. 

Limit: Silver limit range (up to $150) , Gold limit range (up to $225), Platinum limit range (up to $275/$300) your host will have access to this and let you know if your pass will cover an item if in question. Updates of any changes will be found here. 

Do I have to wait until the 25th of the month to join? No, however the backstage pass will not be valid for shipping any items until after the 25th. Ex: Joy joined on the 20th, if backstage is open she can still shop .but delivery would not start until after the 25th. Her next invoice will be sent out on the 25th and due on the 25th. 

How many items can I select monthly: You can add up to (3) three items of your choice if you selected the silver backstage pass under introductory offer. If you select the gold pass you'll have the option to select up to 3-4 items within price range for this pass. Last if you select the platinum backstage pass you'll have the option to select up to 4-5 items within the price range for that pass. These items can be added all at once or over the shopping date times alloted for that month. Once you reach your item limit your backstage pass for that month is no longer valid. Don't forget to renew your backstage pass (especially if you got in at the introductory price) to keep your set offer amount when joined.

What if I can't make my payment by the 25th? You'll have a 5 day grace period to do so before your pass for the following month cancels out. Once your pass cancel out the intro deal is over for you until you purchase another pass. Please communicate if you are having issues. Life gets real sometimes!

Can I stop at anytime? Absolutely! You are not locked into a subscription and/or membership. You can even skip a month and start over again, however if we have a waiting list you'll just go to the end of the line and the host will let you know when a pass is avaliable. You will also be restarted at the option 2 price because the intro offer will most likely be sold out. NO strings attached here!

What about shipping? We use multiple vendors so shipping can vary depending on the vendor's shipping policy. Some items may be in stock and others may not so please allow for shipping time to receive your items. Shipping window can be 5-15 days. We are shooting to have our shipping expedited asap. We can not guarantee deliveries will be fast we are working with multiple vendors and are following there shipping guidelines. Once you items are in we will not hold items to wait for other items and will ship the out right away.  All our packages are insured.  If deliver time become extended we will drop that vendor all together. I'm listening to the customers closely in this area.

Refunds: We do NOT refund backstage passes, no exceptions. Once you receive your items you'll have 3 days to check it out and send it back to us if you do not want it. We ask that you return the items and have them back to us within 7days. ALL items must be returned in the condition we sent them to you, free of odors, stains or damages. Once we confirm the item is within the window timeframe you can then select  to up size or down size in that item if needed. This option is something we think would help satisfy our customers. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and timeline in this area. 

What if I don't select my item limit for the month? Backstage passes do NOT roll over. It's way to much work for us to keep track of unused passes. Either use it, or loss it. 

Can I gift my backstage pass? Sure you can as long as the person you are gifting it to has a VIP Membership already established. They will have to have access to the VIP and showing as a paid VIP Member on our end. 

What can I purchase with my backstage pass? You can purchase in any item shown in the backstage lives. You can also use your backstage pass to show the live shows. Keep in mind all passes have a retail value limit on them. The item amount still apply. 

If you have any issues and or questions please send us a message to our inbox. Do not discuss your issues on our lives. Broken rules will get you banned/blocked. Thank you for supporting our business.