I want my pass now...


Want to know how much is the backstage pass? If you have made it this far girlfriend you are now ready to select your pass and start shopping on the next live with us. We love options, however we understand this pass can make a great gift for someone.  That's why we offer one backstage pass for our VIP's and a gift pass that our members can purchase as a gift. All passes have a limit on them. Don't forget the backstage pass includes  FREE shipping. Gift passed do not include shipping. 

Anybody can shop without holding a backstage pass, shipping will be charged. No passes can be purchased once shop has started (meaning once the lights, camera and action is going down) it's to late. Message us to get your pass today!
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 Option 1:   Backstage Pass 
Awesome starting point here for new shoppers. You can get up to 3 items or more items using your pass. Your host will give you the RED LIGHT once your pass has exceeded your limit. 
Price $150.00 

(free shipping included)

Note: additional pass may be purchased once 1st pass have expired. This can only be done once during the live show. Passes can be used in our private shows as well. 

Option 2:   Gift Pass
*limited : no name brand purses or clothing. 
Great pass for gifting. These make great birthday, holiday or special occasion gifts. Shipping not included when using a gift pass. Host will let you know when card is no longer valid during shop. 
Price: $50

Note: gift passes can be used in any regular live shop. These are not valid in private shows. Additional gift passes can not be purchase during any shows. 

All pass have a limit and value on them. You will not receive a tangable product. Hose will have your information in advance for the pass you are holding.  Please be sure you want what you order we do not have time to switch items out. Thank you all for shopping with us.